Mix + Match 12 Pack

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Mix + Match 12 Pack

Handpick your favorite assortment of slow-cultured, small-batch butters. Comes in a package of 12 5oz. rounds.  Not ready to stock up? Try a 6 pack

Choose from Unsalted, Sea Salt, Roasted Garlic, Basil & Parsley, Cinnamon Cardamom & Ginger, Smoked Sea Salt, and our limited-release seasonal flavors. 

How is Banner Butter Different?

We’re different in several ways.

First, the cream. It’s fresh. Like, really fresh. That’s because it comes from Georgia cows, local to us.

Second, it’s grass-fed. Our cows graze in green pastures and are not treated with hormones.

Third, the butterfat. We make butter that is has a higher proportion of butterfat other butters.

Fourth, the method. Before churning, we let the cream ripen for many, many hours. This ripening process allows good bacteria to form. It is this good bacteria that gives butter its complex buttery undertones.

Next, after the cream ripens, we slowly churn it in small batches.

This process results in a better tasting product because we are able to make small adjustments throughout churning, depending on the season, the consistency, and the taste of the cream.

Finally, our butter is hand-cut and lovingly packaged. That’s why no two packages look exactly the same. In the end, it takes us 20 times longer to make our butter than industrial scale butters.

So if you want something special, give us a try!

 A note about shipping: Currently (Summer months) we only ship butter on Mondays and Tuesdays. Orders placed after midnight on Monday are typically shipped the following week. View all shipping policies here